New snow forecast – hopefully reaching Mayrhofen

The weather forecasts are finally indicating new snow on the horizon, some are suggesting Wednesday for new snow, most looking at Friday when the weather finally breaks and the next instalment of winter arrives. The system seems to heading in from the North West and whilst Mayrhofen benefits from many southerly systems rolling in, there is hopefully some left in the tank for Mayrhofen and the Zillertal Valley. Mayrhofen and the region have been subject to the same weather system that has dominated the whole of the Alps, the one that has brought incredibly dry, sunny and cold to mild conditions to almost every ski holiday resort. With 100m or so of ice beneath the ski on the Hintertux Glacier then there has been little danger of it running thin during this period but the new snow will be hugely welcome there as well as the glacier looks to open the runs back to the resort of Hintertux.

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