The Harakiri – challengingly steep, wonderfully flat and easy to access. This combination makes it a magnet for all including those whose ability is stretched to breaking point. The Harakiri is the steepest groomed piste in Austria and its sign posts and allure make it a real gladiatorial scene with friends egging each other down. Unlike other steep runs the grooming of the Harakiri ensure it has a carpet like surface, albeit a very, very steep one. With other slopes of comparable gradient moguls quickly form and stay and decent whether on skis or backs are retarded by the moguls. Not so the Harakiri and with the flat top section beckoning in the masses, many opt for an uncomfortable pause on the precipice before making one, maybe two turns and then meltdown. Those who have successfully made it down often hang around the lower, flatter section to watch the remnants of skiers sliding to the bottom. It is a hugely amusing and inspiring spectacle with evidence of people pushing their abilities to breaking point and often coming unstuck – you have to admire this courage. And from the enjoyment perspective the Harakiri seems to be a pretty safe track, it is wonderfully smooth and whilst those who fall really do hurtle then apart from being disunited from their ski gear, most smile and dust themselves down.