Beginner Skiing

Beginner skiers in Mayrhofen should head over to the Ahorn side of the valley. The huge Ahorn cable car takes skiers up to the peak where an area of exclusively blue skiing is on offer. There are facilities at this area and terrain is ideal for beginners. The Penken side offers a small kids and beginners ski area located at the top of the Penken gondola but the terrain is more limited for beginners and is mixed with tougher skiing. The Ahorn area offers a decent sized area for beginners to practice and improve in and the cable car is on hand to take beginners back down to Mayrhofen at the end of the day.

Beginner skiers are advised to take lessons and the ski schools of Mayrhofen can be found here.

Equipment can be booked online on this page and remember not to take out the race package!