Zillertal 3000 ski area

Resort 630m  |  Top Lift 3250m  |  Lifts 67

The Zillertal 3000 ski region is located at the southern end of the Zillertal Valley, bordering Italy and offering the highest skiing in the valley including the Hintertux Glacier. Mayrhofen is probably the most well known ski holiday resort in the Zillertal 3000 ski region and it is the first resort reached from a northerly approach in the Zillertal Valley. Mayrhofen also offers probably the best tough ski and snowboard terrain in the entire Zillertal Valley on the Penken side of the ski area. The Ahorn ski area forms the second part of the Mayrhofen ski area and is best suited to beginners and family skiers. From the Penken side of the Mayrhofen, the ski area links up with first Finkenberg and then the Egglam area above Lanersbach. There are some excellent routes for intermediate over to this part of the Zillertal 3000 ski region. Beyond that and connected by a short bus transfer along the valley is the Hintertux Glacier, the highest skiing in the Zillertal Valley at 3250m and the only glacier skiing area in Austria that offers 365 days per year. The snow conditions and scenery on the Hintertux Glacier can be outstanding much of the year.


Resort 840m | Top Lift 2473m |  Lifts 49

Finkenberg is located up a steep section of the Zillertal Valley road some 200m or so above Mayrhofen with great views back over the resort. Finkenberg has a gondola linking into its ski area but essentially much of the ski area that Finkenberg shares with Mayrhofen is located over the ridge on the Mayrhofen side of the ski area. The Finkenberg side of the ski area tends to be pretty relaxed with mostly gentle skiing. Finkenberg also links to Eggalm ski area to the south adding further terrain to explore for those staying in Finkenberg. Skiers and snowboarders looking for tougher skiing and boarding need to cross over into the Mayrhofen Penken area, whilst intermediates who want to cover a reasonably mount of ground can head south into the Eggalm ski area. Those wanting to ski at the Hintertux Glacier then the options are a bus along the valley from Finkenberg or else a ski over to Lanersbach in the Eggalm area of the Zillertal 3000 ski region and then a short bus laong the valley to the glacier base-station.


Resort 1300m  |  Top Lift 2473m  |  Lifts 49

With a distinct ski area of its own, Lanersbach also has lift and piste access to the from the Mayrhofen Penken area of the Zillertal 3000 ski region. Eggalm is the ski area located directly above Lanersbach and this area is ideal for intermediate skiers. It essentially forms the southern periphery of the Zillertal 3000 ski region (although the Hintertux Glacier is located further south but is not linked by lift or ski piste). So for intermediates staying and skiing in Lanersbach the ski over from the Eggalm section to the Penken and on into Hippach offers a great ski safari with superb views of the Hintertux Glacier on the return leg. Better skiers and snowboarders staying in Lanersbach should also head over to and stay in the Mayrhofen Penken area as this section of the Zillertal 3000 ski region offers the best steep terrain both on and off-piste.

Hintertux Glacier

Resort 1590m  |  Top Lift 3250m  |  Lifts 21 (49 in region)

Part of the highly impressive Zillertal 3000 ski region and the only area offering year round glacier skiing in Austria, the Hintertux Glacier is a great addition to the Zillertal Valley and the Zillertal 3000 ski region, offering an absolute guarantee. The Hintertux Glacier also offers some of the steepest terrain of any of the glacier skiing regions in the Alps making it better suited to good intermediates and better skiers and snowboarders. One other great feature of the Hintertux Glacier is the valley run with a ski piste / route all the way back to the ski holiday resort of Hintertux. Not all glacier skiing areas have a resort at the base-station due to the remote and high altitude nature of the glacier skiing areas but the Hintertux Glacier has a worthy ski holiday resort in Hintertux located at the base-station. A 3 section modern, high capacity and wind resistant ‘Glacier Bus’ gondola takes skiers and snowboarders up to the top lift station at 3250m. From there the skiing spreads widely with the Hintertux Glacier ‘Better Park’ a few hundred metres beneath the summit. The mighty pyramid of the Olperer mountain is a stunning backdrop to this dramatic setting – its towering peak and steep rock face snagging passing snow storms and feeding the glacier with avalanching snow.

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